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Vania Faria Sutherberry


Your visit to my site is an honour!

I'm Vania Faria Sutherberry, writer and coach to business leaders and people who are just looking for personal development.

I was born in Brazil, where I lived most of my life and where I founded a renowned Human Development and Organizational Culture Consultancy - Evolução Humana Consultoria.

I now live in England, where I continue honoring my duties as executive director at my Brazilian consultancy firm, while sparing time for personal coaching in different areas and writing books and Blog articles.

I work to help people to fulfill their dreams, understand their talents and value in order to create a meaningful life, full of colour, autonomy and self respect.

I believe that self awareness sets humans free to live their purest essence, as well as being the key to personal and professional fulfillment. My mission is to help you on your journey.

Vania Faria Sutherberry

About me

Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of being a writer. Throughout my life, I have worked in three important areas - technology, business and human development. They provided me the experience and drive to focus my writing desires. My dream is finally coming true with the publication of my first book "Coloured Lenses - A new vision on destiny and mission" and in co-writing "A World Book of Values", besides writing for my personal and Evolução Humana's Blog.

In my career, I learned to combine different life experiences to create my own approach to business management, coaching and now writing - always allied with the use of technology. I graduated in Information Technology and specialized in working with Organizational Culture, as well as organizational development.

In parallel with my business career I have always been fascinated in astrology and how this can been used to shape human development. I spent many hours of my life studying its principles and applications in practice. I have used it as an additional tool to my coaching skill-set.

My books, stories and articles are filled with personal experiences and others that I came to learn about as a consultant and coach. I like to inspire people with good stories and thoghts, while offering tools that help them find their mission in life and personal fate.


  • We made progress in overcoming the challenges of the current state of Brazil and its market through our work with Vania Faria Sutherberry. With our team aligned to the strategic plan and the company's new cultural values, we introduced a new strategic philosophy in our organizational approach.

    Marcelo Podolan Lacerda Vieira CEO of the Santa Maria Group in Brazil
  • When I met Vania I was very insecure about my potential and hardly knew what kind of professional I was. When we started talking, she showed me how important self-knowledge was and that I had many skills, I just didn't recognize them. She applied various coaching techniques, to help me move forward. The results were amazing!

    Camile Maria Gimenez Labour Relations and Trade Union Coordinator
  • Kátia Toledo
  • Vania's leadership development work and consultancy was fundamental to our project of nationalization and cultural integration.

    Adilson Butzke President of Deere Hitachi in Brazil
  • Vania Faria Sutherberry is a person very well oriented to successful human development! She lives her values and they are apparent in her professional approach and the way she provides business solutions. Excellent human being, with admirable inner strength. Thank you for the enriching experiences!

    Isabel Soares Human and Organizational Development Consultant
  • Evolution is a keyword in Vania's work and it's no coincidence that her company carries this word in its name. Vania coached me for one year. Since the beginning, her perception of the corporate environment and its challenges was decisive for my development. I got to see barriers that I hadn't perceived before and, with Vania's help, was able to overcome them. I recommend Vania.

    Cristhian Ribas Sékula Agricultural Manager at Santa Maria Cia de Papel e Celulose
  • Vania helped me a lot with her knowledge and methodology. She touched my life. I consider her a true mentor.

    Leda F M Bettoni Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Professional
  • When I went through coaching sessions with Vania, I realized how committed she is to delivering quality work. A great listener, always worried about showing the possible alternatives and treats of each alternative approach. I am thankful to her for the rich experience. A professional with a great cultural experience of which i have not seen before. She is a reference point for people development.

    Alfredo Firmino Carvalho Consultant at SEBRAE (Brazil)